Central monitoring of audit-relevant environmental parameters

testo Saveris: The certainty of the right decision


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Life Science: Hardly any other sector is so strictly regulated and monitored. Our holistic solutions for monitoring environmental conditions support you in always fulfilling the strict regulatory requirements reliably: 

  • Measurement technology, software and services from one provider and seamlessly integrated
  • Complete documentation
  • Complete transparency

The new cockpit:
Intuitive and efficient

  • Localize and evaluate alarms even faster with individual floor plans and list views
  • Access at any time, from anywhere and any end device
  • Less training requirement and lower error potential

testo Saveris:
Proven and audit-proof

  • Automatic recording and periodic documentation
  • Secure data storage thanks to three-fold redundancy
  • Transparent overview of all sites
  • Freely expandable system with comprehensive services

The new WLAN data loggers:
Simple and reliable

  • Quick installation thanks to integration into existing WLAN
  • Universally and flexibly applicable
  • Secure data storage in case of power cut

The new digital probes:
Smart and fast

  • Save time and money with clever calibration concept
  • Replacement in seconds during continuing operation
  • No calibration by on-site technician needed

testo Saveris: The three components of your digital complete solution

Data logger pharmacy
Sensor technology

Reliable recording of environmental parameters.

Monitoring system cockpit

Fast analysis of the measurement data of all sites.

Customer service Testo

Testo is your competent worldwide partner.

testo Saveris: The different applications in the Life Science sector

Research & Development

Reliable environmental monitoring in greenhouses, laboratories or academic research facilities.


  • Audit-safe climate monitoring in a GMP-regulated environment
  • 21 CFR Part 11-compliant


  • GDP-compliant monitoring of environmental parameters in transport and storage
  • Uninterrupted and continuous


  • Temperature monitoring of drugs, vaccines, lab samples or blood products
  • Monitoring the environmental parameters in cleanrooms, operating theatres, hospital dispensaries or patients’ rooms
Compliance testo Saveris


Ensure the integrity of your data and avoid unnecessary gaps in the documentation.

Transparency testo Saveris


Retain an overview at all times over your processes and react immediately in cases of alarm.

Efficiency testo Saveris


More efficient processes thanks to less need for training and a system which meets your requirements exactly.

Reliability testo Saveris


Pass audits with confidence: Thanks to a reliable solution from a professional partner.



“Continuation of data is absolutely key to us. The high rate of redundancy of the testo Saveris system was one of the key factors in selecting Testo and its solution as a supplier.”


Operations Lead Inventory Manager of a Top 10 pharmaceutical company




Expert Corner

Especially in sensitive environments there are many reasons to use automated monitoring systems.

How to fulfill the FDA’s 21 CFR Part 11 requirements using the digital all-in-one solutions of Testo.

Are you interested in measurement technology?

Monitoring environmental conditions
Monitoring environmental conditions
Monitoring environmental conditions
Monitoring environmental conditions