testo 6448 - Compressed air counter shaft probe DN40 - DN250

Order-Nr.  0555 6448

  • Transmitter with selectable signal outputs: analog output, pulse output, 2 switching outputs

  • Quick, safe assembly/disassembly of the bar probe thanks to reverse running protection and ball valve

  • Assembly of the whole transmitter possible under pressure

  • Easy operation with a variety of options (signal outputs, physical unit, etc.)

Compressed air counter shaft probe DN40 - DN250

Product Description

Shaft probe
The mobile compressed air counter testo 6448 is designed for the recording and monitoring of compressed air consumption, and thus not only for the identification of leakages in compressed air systems and the allocation of costs by consumption, but also for the implementation of peak load management. The shaft probe can be used for measurements on different pipe diameters.
An optional drilling clamp allows the exact positional installation of the sensor, without the need for welding work. The affected compressed air pipeline can remain pressurized when installing the drilling clamp or for sensor maintenance/exchange.  Patented recoil protection

The recoil protection guarantees high security for the commissioner, and combines three functions in one instrument:
1. the recoil protection, i.e. the sensor can only be inserted in one direction during installation.
2. the seal to the process, i.e. thanks to the O-ring, compressed air cannot escape during installation.
3. the positionabe fixing, since a penetration depth and positioning which is exact to the millimeter, similar to a car's clutch, is possible.


Delivery Scope

testo 6448 compressed air meter with bar probe for determining, monitoring, controlling and logging compressed air consumption, selectable diameters DN40 (1 ½″) / DN50 (2″) / DN65 (2 ½") / DN80 (3") / DN100 (4") / DN125 (5") / DN150 (6") / DN200 (8") / DN250 (10"), with analog, pulse and switching output.