testo 885 set - thermal imager with super-telephoto lens plus additional lens of your choice

Order-Nr.  0563 0885 V5

  • Professional thermal imager testo 885: resolution 320 x 240 pixels, optionally upgradable to 640 x 480 pixels with SuperResolution, thermal sensitivity < 30 mK

  • The right lens for your application: super-telephoto lens for extremely distant measurement objects plus telephoto lens or standard lens with large field of view

  • Panoramic image function, SiteRecognition technology, humidity calculation, JPEG saving function, optional: sequence capturing in the instrument and lots more

  • The set contains essential accessories, which you will always have to hand: robust case and lens case, spare rechargeable battery, fast battery charger, SD card, etc.

This thermography set provides the ideal equipment for capturing images from long distances and other applications. The set includes the professional thermal imager testo 885 with super-telephoto lens (for very long distances) plus an additional lens of your choice: telephoto lens for medium and somewhat longer distances or standard lens with a large field of view for closer measurement objects.

Product Description

This professional thermography set with thermal imager, super-telephoto lens plus an additional lens (telephoto lens or standard lens with large field of view) can be used for the following measuring tasks:
  • Inspecting high-voltage lines: the super-telephoto lens enables you to inspect even the smallest of connections from a long, safe distance
  • Monitoring and checking solar thermal systems, e.g. pinpointing hotspots in solar parks (to locate defective cells)
  • Detecting irregularities in large industrial plants (e.g. refineries)
  • Safe high-temperature measurement
  • Checks in electrical maintenance
  • Analysis of building shells at a glance
  • Carrying out detailed energy consultations

The exact fields of application depend on the choice of second lens.


More impressive details about the testo 885 thermal imager and its compatible lenses

testo 885 thermal imager:
  • Detector size 320 x 240 pixels = 76,800 temperature measurement points, optional SuperResolution technology can boost image quality to 640 x 480 pixels
  • Process analysis package (optional): the combination of fully radiometric video and sequence capturing in the camera enables wireless measurement and easier handling at the measuring location
  • Thermal sensitivity < 30 mK = so that even the smallest temperature differences can be seen
  • You can also choose to save thermal images as JPEGs
  • Lots of camera angles are feasible: thanks to the ergonomic rotating handle and the rotatable, fold-out display
  • Panorama image assistant: straightforward recording and evaluation of the entire outer shells of buildings rather than the tedious evaluation of individual images
  • SiteRecognition technology: immediate identification of similar measurement objects and automatic assignment or archiving of the thermal images
  • Optional high-temperature measurement up to 1200 °C: with the high-temperature option, the measuring range can be custom-extended to 1200 °C
  • Special measuring mode for detecting areas susceptible to mould: the dew point in the room is calculated by manually entering the ambient temperature and humidity. The dew point is then compared with the surface temperature value measured by the camera. Traffic light colours (red, yellow, green) on the display indicate the risk of mould.
    The optional radio humidity probe makes things easier: automatic transmission of readings means that manual input of humidity and ambient temperature is no longer needed
  • Voice recording possible with headset
  • Built-in digital camera with power LEDs: take real images to go with every thermal image – well-lit thanks to power LEDs. This makes assignment of the thermographic images significantly easier
  • Auto-focus for one-handed operation and to prevent blurred images
  • Minimum focus distance 10 cm
  • Professional software testo IRSoft: allows the thermographic images to be analyzed on the PC

5° x 3.7° super-telephoto lens (included in the set):
  • Small field of view (5° x 3.7°) for maximum resolution of particularly distant objects
  • Easy to handle: no additional lens holder needed

11° x 9° telephoto lens (optionally included in the set as a second lens):
  • Makes it possible to take outstanding images of measurement objects at medium and longer distances

30° x 23° standard lens (optionally included in the set as a second lens):
  • Ideal for taking thermographic readings of closer measurement objects
  • Large field of vision


Delivery Scope

You will receive the testo 885 thermal imager with 5° super-telephoto lens and an additional lens of your choice (30° standard lens or 11° telephoto lens) plus the following accessories:

• Transport case
• Professional software for image evaluation on the PC
• SD memory card
• USB cable for data transfer to the PC
• Carrying strap for the thermal imager
• Lens cleaning cloth
• Mains unit
• Li-ion rechargeable battery
• Headset for voice recording
• Lens case
• Lens protective glass
• Additional battery
• Fast battery charger

Detailed product description for downloading and printing out: > Technical data PDF