testo Sensor LD - Leak detector

Order-Nr.  8800 0301

  • Robustness and a low weight ensure non-tiring use in
    industrial surroundings

  • Improved detection of leaks thanks to sound funnel

  • Modern high-capacity Lithium ion rechargeable battery

  • Easy operation via membrane keypad

The testo Sensor LD leak detector stands out thanks to its highly accurate sensor technology and improved support in the detection of leaks (e.g. in compressed air, gas, steamand vacuum systems, refrigeration systems, door seals). With the help of an integrated laser pointer which acts as a sighter, the leak can be more accurately localized.

Product Description

Gases escaping from leaks in pipe systems (e.g. corrosion, untight screw connections etc.) cause noises in the ultrasonic range.
With the testo Sensor LD, even the smallest leaks, which are not audible for the human ear, and due to their size are not visible, can already be localized from several metres away.
The testo Sensor LD converts the inaudible ultrasound into audible frequencies. These sounds can be perceived even in loud surroundings with the comfortably worn, sound-proof headphones.


Delivery Scope

testo Sensor LD leak detector for compressed air systems incl. transport case, sound-proof headphones, directional tube with tip, mains plug unit, sound funnel.
General technical data

Operating temperature

0 to +40 °C

Pressure and leak detector

Storage battery

Storage temperature

-10 to +50 °C