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Thermal Scanning at Workplaces - #BeSureBeSafe

A Mandate from Government of India - Ministry of Home Affairs to combat COVID-19.

How can you identify persons at risk from increased body temperature?

• Thermal screening creates the thermal profile of an indvidual to detect elevated body surface temperature
• Triggers alarm if elevated body surface temperature is detected
• Persons detected with elevated body surface temperatures are normally taken to the quarantined area for further medical investigation from the exact diagnosis point of view

What are various available modes for mass thermal scanning?

Touch Free Standalone Thermal Scanning Kiosk

Thermal Imager testo 872 with standalone kiosk for touch free thermal scanning. Explore the fully-automatic, contact-free new Kiosk with fully-loaded features


Watch Live Demo of Touch Free Stand alone Thermal Scanning Kiosk

Thermal Imagers available for Thermal Scanning

Thermal camera with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
testo 872

Thermal camera with Wi Fi and Bluetooth allows to save actual and thermal image of the scanned persons on smartphone/ tab and send e-mail/report immediately from on-site


Thermal camera with Tripod
testo 882

Thermal camera also available to mount on tripod as semi-stationary mode of screening instead of an inspector manually scanning the persons


Thermal camera with Automated Monitoring
testo 890

testo 890 comes with special in-built fever detection function that automatically scans persons, shows output on monitor and simply triggers alarm if person at risk is found.


Acoustic and visual color code alarm at individually defined temperature threshold values.
HDMI output for direct connection between imager and monitor.
Measurement of the ambient temperature using the stored IR image.

Watch videos here

Touch free stand alone testo 872 thermal scanning kiosk

Podcast on Thermal Scanning with Mr. Parag Yelegaonkar

Testo Thermal Imagers for fever detection