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Measurement technology and solutions for industry

Process reliability, energy efficiency and safety, sustainability, digitalisation and a shortage of skilled workers are the key challenges in the industrial environment.
We support you in mastering these challenges and in your daily tasks.
With precise measurement technology that you can rely on.
With customised solutions that offer you full flexibility.
And with professional service that is always there for you, wherever you are.
Testo. Be sure.

Maintenance and technical facility management

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Industrial emission measurement

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Power generation

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Maintenance and technical facility management

Through preventive maintenance and technical facility management, you ensure that machines never come to an unscheduled standstill, that processes run smoothly and that energy costs decrease instead of increasing.

You have to do all this as efficiently as possible.

How can Testo support you?

  • With reliable measuring devices, solutions and services from a single source

  • With precise measurement technology for all relevant parameters of technical systems and installations

  • With smart data management in measuring instruments, apps and Testo Cloud - or for your data systems

  • With networked technology and intelligent functions


When testing and maintaining electrical and mechanical systems, the aim is to recognise thermal anomalies at an early stage. Smart and non-contact inspections with thermal imaging cameras help you to avoid system downtimes

Industrial emission measurement

Emissions such as carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen oxides (NO2) or sulphur dioxide (SO2), which are emitted during raw material and energy-intensive processes, are subject to strict regulations to protect people and the environment. Optimally adjusted combustion processes also minimise energy consumption.

However, the conditions for the necessary measurements are often extreme.

How can Testo support you?

  • With precise flue gas measurement technology and a wide range of flue gas probes, sensors and special options

  • With robust devices, simple operation and ergonomic design

  • With reliable measuring devices, solutions and services from a single source

Our flue gas measuring devices at a glance


When analyzing the burner’s behaviour, the focus of attention is often on fuel supply, atomization, control behaviour and emissions values.

The flue gas analyzers enable all relevant gases to be analyzed and the combustion process to be adjusted so that the best possible ratio of fuel to combustion air quantities is achieved.

Power generation

For energy and utility companies, security of supply and thus trouble-free operation of the power grid is a top priority.

At the same time, the number of photovoltaic systems on the roofs of commercial and private buildings is increasing.

Therefore, periodic checks of existing installations and inspections during the acceptance of new installations are indispensable. Whether in the generation, transmission or distribution of electrical energy.

How can Testo support you?

  • With thermal imaging cameras with high infrared resolution

  • With interchangeable telephoto lenses for long-distance shots

  • With intelligent functions, intuitive operation and ergonomic design

  • With additional measuring devices, solutions and services from a single source

The right thermal imager for every application

Food industry

Food must be safe and free from pathogenic germs, so food safety is essential. From the transport and storage of products, to the production and preparation of food, right through to sales - every stage must fulfil the HACCP guidelines.

Testo offers numerous measuring instruments and all-in-one solutions to ensure food quality and safety at all times.

Pharma and Health

In the research, production or application of sensitive pharmaceuticals, safety is paramount. From research in the laboratory through to GxP-compliant production and uninterrupted monitoring of the cold chain during transport and storage: Testo’s measuring instruments and all-in-one solutions for pharmaceuticals and healthcare ensure the quality of the pharmaceutical products as well as the compliance of your processes.

testo Smart App

One App for all applications

The testo Smart App guides you quickly and easily through measurements on refrigeration, air conditioning and heating systems.

Now new:

PRO measuring programs for increasing the efficiency of your applications

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Compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled Testo measuring instruments


Direct report dispatch by e-mail


All measurement values at a glance


Intuitive measurement menus


Free download, free use


PRO measuring programs

Customised digital solutions

testo Saveris 2 - Advanced Cloud licence for 12 months

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WiFi data logger with cloud connection testo Saveris 2

No matter where you are: With the testo Saveris 2 wireless data logger system, you can easily monitor climatic environmental conditions such as humidity and temperature.

testo Saveris 1

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Automated environmental monitoring system testo Saveris 1

The environmental monitoring system records and analyzes your critical environmental data, alerts you immediately if limit values are violated and can help you optimize your processes.


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