The HACCP concept – basic information and background

In the 1950s, the race into space between the USA and the Soviet Union was in full swing. And once Moscow produced the Sputnik in 1957, the Americans launched their peak planning stage for a manned space flight. One important aspect of this project was food safety in space. The food had to be 100% safe - anything else could have catastrophic consequences.

Pillsbury – the inventors of HACCP

To develop safe astronaut food, NASA worked closely with the Pillsbury food company. To carry out this task, Pillsbury applied an existing concept of the US military. The aim was to prevent mistakes from the outset, rather than discovering and correcting them later on. HACCP was the result. It proved its worth very quickly, and was being used worldwide by 1985 – 16 years after the successful moon landing.

What does HACCP stand for?

  • HACCP stands for “Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points”.
  • HACCP is an internationally binding quality management system for food.
  • The HACCP guidelines stipulate that proof of temperature compliance is absolutely essential.
  • Compliance with the HACCP regulations is strictly controlled in many countries.
  • This involves preventive measures for hazard analysis, as well as critical control points in the process chain.
  • The HACCP control system sets temperature limits for all products.
  • Testo measuring instruments can help you achieve food safety and compliance with HACCP regulations.

The 7 HACCP principles

  1. Hazard analysis
  2. Critical control points
  3. Limit values
  4. Continuous monitoring
  5. Correction measures
  6. Documentation
  7. Regular verification

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Measuring instruments for gastronomy

Whether a small bistro or a large restaurant: All gastronomic businesses must observe the principles of HACCP in their dealings with food. In addition to hygiene, the absence of germs is an important point. Temperature monitoring plays a significant role in the implementation of the HACCP concept. Various measurement methods are available for this.

Solutions for Restaurant Chains

Solution Catering

Measuring instruments in the cold chain

Measuring instruments from Testo have for years been in use along the entire cold chain. In incoming goods, storage and during transport, our thermometers, pH measuring instruments, data loggers, measurement data monitoring systems contribute to ensuring food safety and adhering to legal stipulations and norms.

Solutions for Retail Chains

Solution Retail Chain

Measuring technology for compliance with HACCP guidelines

Requirements for food production

  • Precise measurement, documented on site.
  • Assurance of quality and freshness. 
  • HACCP compliance with suitable measuring technology

Requirements for supermarkets and retailers

  • Keep calm, record temperature.
  • Consistent monitoring of the cold chain.
  • HACCP compliance with suitable measuring technology

Requirements for kitchens, gastronomy and catering

  • High calibre, great time pressure.
  • Monitoring and documentation.
  • HACCP compliance with suitable measuring technology

Need to comply with HACCP guidelines? With Testo's measuring technology and expertise, it's easy.

Food is a matter of trust. Its safety and impeccable quality are taken for granted by the customers. This, of course, poses great challenges for food business operators along the entire cold chain: What do I need to watch out for? Which measuring technology is recommended? And who can provide me with information about new regulatory developments that affect my day-to-day business? Fortunately, Testo is on hand to help you with advice, support, expert knowledge plus, of course, the appropriate measuring technology.
HACCP certification

Measuring technology for those whose job it is to protect food

Of course, even the best expertise is of no use to you at all if you do not also have the appropriate measuring technology to apply what you have learned in your day-to-day business. Testo measuring instruments for food are designed to provide you with reliable support when working with food. Because we are familiar with the big challenges and small details of these applications and have geared our products precisely to them. Whether it’s a moisture meter , penetration thermometer  or cooking oil tester – food measuring instruments that leave our plants are robust, resistant, protected against water ingress and have the relevant certificates and approvals.