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External sample gas conditioner

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  • Reduction of exhaust gas humidity increases measurement accuracy
  • Small design and low weight thanks to sophisticated gas path
  • Fast readiness thanks to easy connection and commissioning
  • Operation independently of power grid thanks to rechargeable powerbank
  • You can rely on accurate measurement results, even when carrying out measurements on very humid flue gas. With the gas cooler, you can easily minimize measurement inaccuracies due to water vapour.
    Easy and reliable external gas conditioning: use the gas cooler to ensure optimum preparation of very humid flue gas for measurements with the compatible measuring instrument (please order separately).

    Water vapour is cooled in the gas cooler until it condenses. The resulting condensate remains in the gas cooler. The conditioning process minimizes leaching effects and prevents dilution of the measurement gas. This gives you more accurate measurement results when analyzing flue gas with the compatible measuring instrument.

    External sample gas conditioner, mains unit, adapter cable for power bank, 2 x rubber bands for holding the power bank in place, chain for mounting external gas conditioning unit or flue gas analyzer, carry case, instruction manual.

    General technical data

    550 g
    100 x 558 x 70 mm
    Operating temperature
    -5 to +50 °C
    Protection class
    Power supply
    Mains unit 5 V / 4 A, alternatively powerbank USB 5 V min 3 A output (minimum requirements of powerbank)
    Entry dewpoint
    Min. 10 K dewpoint distance
    Cooling temperature
    Standard temperature +10 °C (min. 10 °C below surroundings)
    Meeasurement period
    until condensate trap needs to be emptied:; 2 h (at +60 °C entry dewpoint and 1 l/min for testo 350); 3 h (at +45 °C entry dewpoint and 1 l/min for testo 350)
    Storage temperature
    -20 to +50 °C