Portable nanoparticle measurement system

Road traffic is seen as the main cause of air pollution in our cities. In order to minimize the health hazard due to fine particle pollution, automobile manufacturers have the obligation to develop the cleanest possible engines and the most efficient possible exhaust gas cleaning systems. For this purpose, the research and development departments require highly sensitive technology which can measure the nanoparticles in the exhaust gases exactly and reliably during driving.

The automotive industry has high demands:

  • Durable, robust measurement technology
  • Reproducible measurement results
  • Portable measurement system PEMS-PN (Portable Emission Measurement System – Particle Number) for use in vehicles while driving

The challenge

Nanoparticles in auto exhaust gases

In order to measure the number concentration of nanoparticles in auto exhaust gases under real operating conditions, a portable emission measuring system is needed which fulfils the following prerequisites:

  • Easy operation and high reliability
  • Evaluation of a broad particle concentration range
  • Evaporation and dilution of the raw gas
  • Fast reaction to changes of engine load
  • Easily understood presentation of the measurement values



Golden Instrument!

European Commission JCR (Joint Research Centre)
The testo NanoMet3 was one of the most successful instruments in the European Commission JCR (Joint Research Centre) test.

The solution: testo NanoMet3 for real driving emissions

Nanoparticle measurement system testo NanoMet3
Portable emission measurement system testo NanoMet3

The portable nanoparticle measurement system testo NanoMet3 was specially developed for operation in vehicles under real driving conditions. The measurement system dilutes high particle concentrations in the directly sampled gas with the help of a rotary disc diluter, and removes volatile components in the integrated evaporation tube. With the testo NanoMet3, the user has not just a reliable measuring instrument for measuring nanoparticles, but also an integrated PMP-compliant exhaust gas preparation.

The advantages:

  • Measurement of particle number concentration, average diameter, surface concentration of lung-deposited particles (LDSA) and particle mass. 
  • Particle measurement according to RDE for type testing in accordance with Euro 6c 
  • Identical instrument settings for petrol and diesel vehicles 
  • Exhaust gas preparation with integrated PMP thermodilution
  • No operating materials required
  • One-button operation

Example application: Vehicle inspections in Mexico City with the nanoparticle measuring system testo NanoMet3

Preview example application

In order to improve air quality, Mexico City has declared war on the polluters, and prescribes the measurement of particle number in the bi-annual vehicle inspections. The nanoparticle measurement system testo Nanomet3 is used:

  • Automated, easy measurements
  • Less than 1 dollar extra costs for particle measurement
  • Service and calibration on site

Example application: Monitoring air improvement measures in Shenzhen with the portable nanoparticle measurement system testo NanoMet3

Preview example application

The Chinese metropolis Shenzhen is improving air quality with a model project for the installation of diesel particle filters (DPF). The nanoparticle measurement system testo NanoMet3 helps monitor the conformity of the DPFs:

  • Practical, one-button operation in RDE measurement
  • Fast system response time in intermediary stati
  • Optimum data transfer

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