The measurement technology: Uninterrupted, flexible and automatic

Innovative measurement technology forms the foundations of Testo's success. That's why, with testo Saveris Restaurant too, you can rely on the precision and reliability of the hardware:

  • The Control Unit is the the central component of the solution. All measurement values are collected in it, it guides you through the processes and communicates alarms as well as correction measures.
  • Portable measuring instruments with versatile configuration options, and robust WLAN loggers with wireless measurement value transfer record the values.
  • All data are securely stored and synchronized in the Cloud.

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Regional Office (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia)

Phone: +603 7932 5990

The Control Unit

The testo Saveris Restaurant Control Unit
  • Efficient work thanks to guided processes, checklists, alarms and stored correction measures
  • Robust, washable case for protection from impact/dirt
  • High-performance, especially light tablet

The multi-function handle

The handle for the testo Saveris Restaurant probes
  • Universally applicable for all the temperature and cooking oil probes of the system
  • Exchange probes quickly and easily
  • Transfers measurement values wirelessly to the Control Unit by Bluetooth

The measurement probes

The testo Saveris Restaurant measurement probes
  • For core, surface and air temperature
  • Measurement of cooking oil quality
  • TC adapter for the validation of your equipment

The data loggers

The testo Saveris Restaurant data loggers
  • Simulation of product temperature, measurement of air temperature, monitoring of door contact
  • Wireless measurement data transfer by wireless LAN
  • Protected from dust and water (IP65)