Ensure Indoor air quality and comfort

Ensure air quality and comfort

Why is maintaining indoor air quality so important?

To the average person, maintaining indoor air quality, or IAQ, may not seem important. However, professionals give the subject careful attention, as neglecting indoor climates can affect employee well-being and even tarnish products.

Measuring IAQ also enables technicians to identify hazards in certain facilities. Laboratories and other rooms need to abide by stringent climate standards, so regularly testing them is crucial to maintaining their integrity.

Testo’s IAQ measurement solutions has the capability to measure, Temperature, Humidity, CO2, Lux/Light sound, Enthalpy and PPV/PPD values.

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Our recommendations for air quality and comfort.

testo 400 universal IAQ instrument

  • One for all: Probes for temperature, %RH, draught, flow, CO2, lux
  • Present comfort values objectively in accordance with PMV/PPD
  • Incl. analysis software and differential pressure sensor
  • Perfect for standard-compliant measurements
  • Guided programs for HVAC grid measurements and comfort levels (PMV/PPD)
  • Full documentation that can be completed right on site

Air velocity & IAQ measuring instrument
testo 440

  • Clearly structured measurement menus for turbulence, mould detection and long-term measurement, e.g. CO₂
  • Large display for intuitive operation 
  • Wireless measurement convenience with no cable clutter thanks to Bluetooth probes

Environmental monitoring with data loggers and Cloud-based systems

  • Climate monitoring in offices and storerooms
  • Easy data transfer by USB
  • Data evaluation and documentation on PC