Efficient adjustment of air conditioning systems and heat pumps

Measurement solutions for refrigeration systems and heat pumps

The hallmark of a great tool is that it makes a technician's job easier. The testo smart refrigeration set and testo 550 & 557 refrigeration gauges both fit the bill.

There are two main components of a heating, ventilation and air-conditioning specialist's job - testing and servicing. With the right tools in hand, the work day is made a breeze.

  • Testo refrigeration manifolds ( Testo 550, 557) come with smartphone connectivity with the ability to send and receive results in real time.

  • For quick hose-free installation, Testo Smart refrigeration set allows technicians to test systems more accurately without any refrigerant loss. 

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Our recommendations for refrigeration systems and heat pumps

Ideal for commissioning and servicing:
Digital manifolds

  • All results at a glance thanks to the large graphic display
  • Exceptionally compact and reliable thanks to the easy-to-handle, robust housing with IP 54 protection class
  • Simple, wireless measurement of vacuum and temperature via automatic Bluetooth connection with a range of up to 150 metres
  • Flexible measurement, easy documentation and customer-specific reports with the testo Smart App

Ideal for fast checks without hoses:
testo Smart Probes refrigeration set

  • For fast and easy testing of air conditioning and refrigeration systems
  • No hoses – no refrigerant loss
  • Customized reports in just one click
  • Controlled with testo Smart App

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