Building management

Structural defects in a building are obviously a huge concern, potentially putting anyone inside the structure at risk. Testo's thermal imagers can help to reveal any issues, with any sources of heat loss, excess humidity and lack of air tightness are all visible, indicating any faults with thermal insulation or construction.

Building analysis and energy consultation


In building thermography, thermal imagers are ideal for quick, easy visualisation of energy losses in the heating or air-conditioning systems of buildings.

Analyse energy efficiency: examining the whole building shell Identifying possibilities for energy saving

Leak detection with thermal imagers

Checking heating systems and finding leaks with thermal imagers from Testo

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning installations can be checked easily, quickly and reliably with Testo thermal imagers.

  • Detect thermal anomalies
  • Inspect heating pipes and check their installation

Mould detection

Mould detection with a thermal imager

Damp ceilings and walls may be a result of structural damage. In most cases, however, it is a sign of improper ventilation.

  • Reliable mould detection
  • Analyze who or what has caused the mould

Building moisture


Ingressing water, faulty rain and waste water drains, burst pipes etc. are among the possible causes of building moisture. Depending on where it is getting out or in, building moisture can spread in different ways and enormous damage may be done if it is discovered too late.

  • Locate building moisture damage non-destructively

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