Testo bringing the samers to the HVAC-R World - Testo Smart Probes

With Testo's new Smart Probes, measurement is more mobile, more productive and easier than ever before. Because the compact professional measuring instruments (including Bluetooth thermometers, smartphone thermometers and iPhone thermometers) can be operated with your own smartphone or tablet via the testo Smart Probes App, and conveniently transported in the handy testo Smart Case. That way, you always have all your measuring technology with you and ready to use immediately.

Mould detection with Smart Probes

The Smart Probes offer you the following

  • Comprehensive selection of measuring instruments: smartphone anemometer, iPhone (and Android) hygrometer, smartphone thermometer and lots more
  • Practical kits for the most important applications in heating, air conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration
  • Operation and documentation entirely via the testo Smart Probes App

Important information for Testo's smartphone measuring instruments

In the brochure you will find all you need to know about Smart Probes, smartphone thermometers and iPhone thermometers at a glance:
Is your smartphone compatible with the Testo Smart Probes and the testo Smart Probes App? Find out here:

For smart temperature measurement

Smart Probes

testo 115i – clamp thermometer operated by smartphone

For servicing air conditioning and refrigeration systems and measuring flow and return temperatures.

testo 405i – thermal anemometer operated by smartphone

testo 405i – thermal anemometer operated by smartphone

For the measurement of air flow velocities, temperatures and volume flows in ventilation ducts.

testo 410i

testo 410i – vane anemometer operated by

For air flow velocities, temperatures and volume flows at air outlets.

Pressure measurement iPhone

testo 510i – differential pressure measuring instrument operated by smartphone

Measures differential pressure, air flow velocity and volume flow.

Smartphone measuring instruments

testo 549i – high pressure measuring instrument operated by smartphone

For service and troubleshooting on air conditioning and refrigeration systems, as well as for installing them.

iPhone hygrometer

testo 605i – thermohygrometer operated by

For the measurement of air temperature and humidity in rooms and ducts.

iPhone thermometer

testo 805i – infrared thermometer operated by smartphone

For the non-contact measurement of wall, fuse and component temperatures of air conditioning systems.

Smartphone thermometer

testo 905i – thermometer operated by

Measures ambient temperatures and temperatures in ducts and at air outlets.

Kits for special applications

testo Smart Probes heating kit

testo Smart Probes VAC kit

testo Smart Probes AC & refrigeration test kit

How do Testo's smartphone thermometers and smartphone measuring instruments work? With an App!

In simple terms, a Smart Probe is a smartphone measuring instrument. Each of the compact measuring instruments fulfils an entirely specific measuring task in this respect. The testo 410i vane anemometer (smartphone anemometer) for example measures flow velocities. The testo 605i hygrometer (iPhone hygrometer) in turn measures humidity, amongst other things. What is common to them all, is operation via the testo Smart Probes App.

The App – not only for iPhone thermometers and iPhone hygrometers

Measurement using the testo Smart Probes App has many advantages:
Testo Smart Probes

Operation independent of the measuring location

With Testo Smart Probes, both control and measuring value display work completely wirelessly via App – even at a distance of several meters from the measuring instrument.
Testo Smart Probes with App

Smart documentation with data dispatch

Measurement data reports can be supplemented with photos and sent as a PDF or Excel file while still on site.

testo Smart Probes App

Display of several measuring values

For example, simultaneous display of up to six Smart Probes enables comparison of several pressures and temperatures in refrigeration systems.
testo Smart Probes App

All measurement values can be seen immediately

The App quickly visualizes measurement value changes as a graph or a table.

testo Smart Probes App

Stored menus for special applications

These measurement menus are already stored in the App:

  • Automatic calculation of evaporation and condensation temperatures, as well as superheating and sub-cooling
  • Volume flow measurement in ducts/at outlets
  • Non-contact temperature measurement by infrared with fast image documentation incl. measurement values and measurement spot marking

testo Smart Probes AC & refrigeration test kit

Smartphone hygrometer

Specially for refrigeration engineers

  • Ideal for quick checks on refrigeration systems: 2 high pressure measuring instruments and 2 clamp thermometers in the testo Smart Case
  • Operation via the testo Smart Probes App and your smartphone/tablet
  • Low refrigerant loss thanks to hoseless application
  • 80 refrigerants stored
  • Automatic calculation of evaporation and condensation temperatures
  • Measuring ranges: -40 to +150°C; -1 to 60 bar

testo Smart Probes AC & refrigeration test kit in the webshop

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Temperature is surely the most frequently measured measurement parameter. There is a correspondingly large choice of appropriate measuring technology. Depending on where and how you want to measure, all options are open to you. No matter whether it is a classic temperature measuring instrument, an infrared measuring instrument for non-contact measurement or an immersion thermometer to measure temperatures in liquids – you are sure to find just what you need at Testo.


The measurement of humidity is relevant in many applications. Thus, the uses of a humidity measuring instrument include determining humidity in rooms or material moisture, for instance of building materials or firewood.


When it is a case of setting air conditioning and ventilation systems correctly, you rely on a robust and precise flow meter. Testo offers you a large selection here and has also included an intuitively operated all-rounder in its range with the new testo 440.


It is above all in the heating and air conditioning trade that pressure measurements have to be carried out. A pressure measuring instrument makes it easy to determine pressures of refrigeration systems, etc. quickly and easily.

testo Smart Probes
HVAC ultimate kit

For smart pressure measurement

For smart humidity and flow velocity measurement