Food Preparation

Correct preparation and cooking procedures is essential in the food industry, as failure to adhere to these can ruin more than just a meal. 

Food safety is an important practice that needs careful consideration to ensure food does not carry harmful bacteria when it is served. Luckily, there are soutions form Testo that can assist with food preparation, eliminating the risk of disease.

Temperature measuring instruments and cooking oil tester in food preparation

With a large selection of probes:
Temperature measuring instruments.

Temperature measuring instruments for food preparation
  • Measure core temperature
  • Easy operation and handling
  • Waterproof, HACCP-compliant, universally applicable

For core temperatures:
Penetration thermometer.

Testo penetration thermometers check the core temperature
  • Measure core temperature
  • Fine measurement tips for almost invisible punctures
  • Different models for every application

For ideal cooking oil quality:
Cooking oil tester.

Ensure cooking oil quality with the testo 270
  • Measures TPM
  • Automatic final value recognition
  • Three-stage alarm function

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