Measurement solutions for incoming goods

When it comes to dealing with food, great care needs to be taken to ensure it leaves the farm or the factory in a condition that is safe to eat. Temperature plays a key part in this, especially as many food-borne illnesses are the result of incorrect heat settings. 

The HACCP cerified thermometers from Testo is the ideal tool for checking temperatures of incoming goods.

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Flexible: 2 in 1 Infrared and penetration themometers

Infrared and penetration thermometers from Testo
  • Measures surface and core temperature
  • Robust folding joint
  • Compact, watertight, HACCP-compliant

For core temperatures: Penetration thermometer.

Penetration thermometers from Testo
  • Measure core temperature
  • Fine measurement tips for almost invisible punctures
  • Different models for every application

With a large selection of probes: Temperature meter

Temperature meters from Testo
  • Measures core temperature
  • Wireless measurement with radio probes possible, connection for external probes
  • Automatic value recognition (Auto-Hold), acoustic alarm, measurement data printing on-site with the Testo fast printer

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