How Testo Solutions can support you during COVID-19


Work with helpful checklists

Your challenge

  • Regular adaptation of processes and documentation due to new regulations
  • Safeguard the health of employees
  • Safeguard production

Our solution

  • Quick, easy creation of special checklists to comply with hygiene and health regulations
  • The following checklists can be adapted to your local circumstances quickly and easily:
    - Non-contact indication of elevated body surface temperature
    - COVID-19 self-declaration
    - WHO guidelines for hand-washing


Remote Audits testo Saveris

Carry out non-contact remote audits

Your challenge

  • Compliance with food safety regulations – also for delivery service
  • Assess whether standards are being met, taking into account the contact restrictions

Our solution

  • Carry out non-contact audits at any time
  • Enjoy access to all quality data in the digital archive, from anywhere
  • View quality controls for all sites in real time
  • Demonstrate adherence to the compliance guidelines faster, in greater detail and in a more responsible manner

Get food safety under control

Your challenge

  • These days, food safety is more important to consumers than ever before
  • Food production, services sector and retail are all considered critical infrastructure, so the food industry has a responsibility to respond to this need
  • Develop plans and measures to be able to respond even faster and better in the next emergency

Our solution

  • Processes can be adapted to current conditions at the push of a button, so that tasks and quality controls that need to be carried out are always kept up to date.
  • Automated real-time monitoring of temperatures in cold storage areas and refrigeration units enables the efficient use of cooling capacities. You can save energy and prevent equipment wear.
Hygiene testo Saveris

Ensure hygienic conditions – safeguard health

Your challenge

  • Hygiene is an essential factor in the prevention of COVID-19 infections •
  • The relevance of compliance with and documentation of hygiene regulations will also increase over the long term

Our solution

  • With the Solutions, Testo offers digital systems for the documentation and assurance of hygiene standards

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Food Service
QA food service

Automated quality management for restaurant chains.

  • Meet compliance reliably
  • Increase quality sustainably
  • Reduce costs noticeably
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Quality retail

Reliable traceability and maximum efficiency in the food cold chain.

  • Bundle quality data comprehensively
  • Implement quality measures correctly
  • Monitor temperature without interruption
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Life Science
Quality management Life Sciences

Uninterrupted monitoring – with a single system.

  • Monitor audit-relevant parameters securely
  • Considerably reduce human error
  • Detect deviations early
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