Measurement of the air volume flow in the cleanroom

Measure the air volume flow with a volume flow hood (capture hood), which captures the entirety of the air emitting from every terminal filter or air supply diffuser.

  • Volume flow hood for ceiling outlets for measuring volume flow DIN EN ISO 14644-3
  • With unique volume flow straightener for precise measurements at swirl outlets
  • Calculation of the air exchange rate and creation of reports

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  • testo 420 - volume flow hood

    Order-Nr. 0563 4200

    Make sure you get the testo 420 volume flow hood for larger ceiling outlets and at the same time enjoy multiple maintenance benefits on HVAC systems. Because the flow hood with the removable measuring instrument is not only exceptionally light, it also guarantees accurate volume flow calculations at swirl outlets
    • Volume flow hood for larger swirl outlets for measuring volume flow, temperature and relative humidity

    • Impressively light with a weight of 2.9 kg

    • Precise measurement even at swirl outlets thanks to integrated volume flow straightener

    • Fast set-up, convenient operation and protocol creation on site using the App

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