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Increase the efficiency of your plants and buildings.

The new efficiency marvels testo 300 NEXT LEVEL and testo 316.

With the new testo 300 NEXT LEVEL and testo 316 measuring instruments, you can quickly and easily optimize the efficiency of your industrial plants and buildings. Optimal combustion and the avoidance of gas leaks will save you energy and costs - especially important with rising raw material prices!

Increase efficiency with
testo 300 NEXT LEVEL

Increase the efficiency of your plants and buildings with the flue gas analyzer testo 300 NEXT LEVEL.

With the flue gas analyzer testo 300 NEXT LEVEL, you have everything under control and from a single source. The large measuring range and the proven Testo quality reliably support you with up to 4 years warranty. Make measuring and documenting easier and faster again.


Effective flue gas measurement with the
testo 300 NEXT LEVEL

Use the testo 300 NEXT LEVEL flue gas analyzer to carry out flue gas measurements easily and efficiently, even on larger systems:

  • Wireless parallel measurements in record time
  • Practical second screen function
  • Easy, intuitive documentation and data integration with your in-house software

Gas leak detector
testo 316-1-EX

Increase the efficiency of your plants and buildings even further with the new gas leak detector testo 316-1-EX. Our professional instrument for the fuel gas sector and for increased safety requirements.

educe your operating costs, optimize your environmental footprint and document efficiently and paperlessly.

testo 316-1-EX

Simple and safe
leakage detection

Use the new testo 316-1-EX gas leak detector or the new combi gas leak detector testo 316-2-EX with EX protection to carry out leak detection safely and easily, even on larger systems.

  • Explosion-proof (EU) according to ATEX (EU/EFTA)
  • Fine mode and auto-identification of the typical gas groups
  • App integration for easy documentation.

Made for professionals

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