Temperature monitoring in food production

HACCP, G 178/2002, EN 12830, IFS, SQF, ISO 22000 – as a food producer, you are confronted with numerous regulations, norms and standards which are intended to guarantee the quality and safety of food. One of the key requirements is continuous temperature monitoring along the entire production chain, including complete documentation of the measurement data.

The testo Saveris 2 cloud-based WiFi data logger system saves you the huge amount of work associated with this: the readings are automatically collected and documented at all critical points, and you can retrieve them from anywhere. It doesn’t get any easier or more reliable!

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White paper “Still taking measurements? Or are you monitoring already?”

Concise expertise on automated temperature monitoring. With cost calculator.
Temperature monitoring in food production

Your challenge

Temperature monitoring

  • To comply with limit value,
  • to comply with norms and guidelines (incl. HACCP),
  • to guarantee product quality
  • and to increase customer confidence.
Temperature monitoring in food production

Your solution

The testo Saveris 2 WiFi data logger system

  • For placement in storage areas, transport vehicles, production facilities, etc.
  • Measurement values are automatically transferred to the cloud, and stored there
  • Data can be retrieved at any time via a web browser – also on a smartphone/tablet
  • Alert (SMS/e-mail) in the event of critical values
Temperature monitoring in food production

Key benefits

How testo Saveris 2 boosts efficiency

  • Automated, reliable temperature monitoring
  • No more manual read-out or documentation
  • All data can be viewed: no matter where you are
  • Maximum flexibility with the Advanced licence

Find out all about our licence models

Choose the range of functions that suits you
Advantages of the Testo Cloud

For entry-level users: Basic licence

  • Free Cloud access
  • Pre-set measurement rate
  • Alarm by e-mail

Our tip: Full flexibility with the Advanced licence

  • Freely selectable measurement rate
  • Comparison of several measurement locations, in to compare different branch stores, for example.
  • Convenient automatic report function
  • Convenient alarm by SMS

Download: Application example

Example application monitoring temperature of foods

All measurement values under control?

In our example application "Temperature monitoring in food", you can find out how the uninterrupted monitoring of foods in manufacture, processing and sales works with the WiFi data logger system testo Saveris 2.

The wireless LAN data logger system testo Saveris 2

What we can offer food producers

We designed testo Saveris 2 to enable you to easily assemble your own customized solution using the appropriate loggers and your ideal cloud licence. Our experts will be happy to assist you.

In addition, we can offer you a special set for monitoring refrigerators, which helps you to differentiate between genuine temperature drops and slight fluctuations caused by opening the refrigerator door.

How testo Saveris 2 works

Monitoring temperature without too much effort

The testo Saveris 2 WiFi data logger system makes your work easier and creates added security via the alarm function. Download the testo Saveris 2 brochure here.