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  • Globe thermometer (TC type K) - for radiant heat

    Order-Nr. 0602 0743

    The globe thermometer is suitable for the measurement of radiant heat – e.g. in the context of standard-compliant comfort level measurement at the workplace.
    • For the measurement of radiant heat according to ISO 7243, ISO 7726, DIN EN 27726 and DIN 33403

    • Thermocouple type K 

    • Measuring range: 0 to + 120 °C

    SR1 692.00
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  • Lux probe (digital) - for measuring illuminance, wired

    Order-Nr. 0635 0551

    For measurements in workplaces, for example in offices or in production areas: use the lux probe (with the compatible measuring instrument) to measure illuminance.
    • Intuitive: clearly structured measurement menu for long-term measurement and determination of illuminance according to the V-lambda curve (suitable for all common light sources)

    • Precise: standard-compliant accuracy according to DIN EN 13032-1 and class C according to DIN 5032-7

    • Convenient: non-slip probe contact surface for convenient positioning at the measuring location

    • Intelligent calibration concept

    SR1 346.00
    excl. VAT
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