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  • Robust, waterproof surface probe (Pt100)

    Order-Nr. 0609 1973

    The robust waterproof surface probe (with a corresponding measuring instrument) enables particularly accurate measurement of the surface temperature.
    • Pt100 sensor for highly accurate measurement results

    • Waterproof

    • EN 13485 and HACCP-compliant

    • Measuring range: -50 to +400 °C

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  • Stable, robust surface probe (TC type K)

    Order-Nr. 0628 9992

    With the appropriate measuring instrument, the stable, robust surface probe (TC type K) is ideal for temperature measurements on griddles, as well as heating and baking sheets. It can be used up to a temperature of +230°C.
    • For measurement on griddles, without having to hold the probe in your hand

    • Stable due to its own weight

    • Sprung measuring element

    • Heat-resistant, corrugated protective hose

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