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With testo Saveris Retail Chain …

… keep an eye on the whole process at all times 
… consistently achieve greater efficiency 
… identify critical points faster 
… your cold chain is continuously monitored and you have complete control 

The cold chain at a glance

The cold chain at a glance

testo Saveris Retail Chain offers a tailored solution for each individual step in the cold chain – from inbound transport, via distribution centers and outbound transport, through to the individual supermarket.

In doing so, the solution provides you with crucial support in terms of compliance with and monitoring of your internal and external conformity specifications.

testo Saveris Food Logistics Inbound

testo Saveris Food Logistics Inbound

  • ensures continuous monitoring of each individual delivery at product level using data loggers
  • provides information about violations of limit values directly and clearly via wireless readout at the distribution center and automatically saves measurement data in the central database
  • makes sure that no products are accepted and forwarded if their quality has been affected during transport
testo Saveris Food Distribution Center

testo Saveris Food Distribution Centers

  • supports employees on site through a digital quality handbook and designs your processes more efficiently
  • enables continuous monitoring of all storage areas and provides alarm notifications when there is a deviation from defined requirements
  • reduces loss of goods through transparent and reliable quality processes
testo Saveris Food Outbound

testo Saveris Food Logistics Outbound

  • reliably monitors the different temperature zones in trucks and refrigerated containers and makes transport transparent
  • enables easy wireless readout of data loggers at the supermarket and automatically saves measurement data in the central database
  • in this way, guarantees uninterrupted documentation of the cold chain right through to the supermarket
testo Saveris Food Store

testo Saveris Food Stores

  • supports employees in the supermarket through a digital quality handbook and minimizes human errors
  • guarantees continuous monitoring of all products requiring refrigeration/freezing and enables fast and targeted intervention through prompt alarm notification
  • documents continuous compliance with core quality specifications in a central database and ensures time and cost savings

Overview of the system components

Measuring technology

  • Hand-held measuring instruments (e.g. infrared and penetration thermometers) record precise measuring values and transmit them wirelessly
  • The Control Unit is used for digitized execution of checklists
  • Data loggers for different areas of application provide automated recording of measuring values


  • For a comprehensive overview of all processes in supermarkets, distribution centers and logistics
  • When there are violations of limit values, you can immediately intervene in line with the quality assurance specifications
  • The staff responsible for quality locally and at head office, along with branch managers, can keep an eye on their area at all times


  • All phases of the process are covered – from planning, via commissioning, through to calibration
  • Supplemented for example by project management, mapping, qualification and training on request
  • Your special requirements are also met – and you always have a permanent contact