Temperature measurement

A well-functioning heating system heats the rooms in a building, ensuring the inhabitants feel comfortable even on cold days. However, in order for a heating system to work efficiently and distribute its heat energy as uniformly as possible, temperature measurement is crucial. At Testo, you will find temperature measuring instruments for these important  heating measurements:

  • Flow/return temperature on heating circuit distributors
  • Hydraulic balancing based on differential temperature
  • Testing underfloor heating systems and radiators
  • Measuring indoor air temperature
  • Detecting cold bridges with thermal imagers

  • Flow and return temperature
  • Water and indoor air temperature
  • Hydraulic balancing (differential temperature)
  • On radiators
  • On heating pipes
  • On other surfaces (e.g. walls, floors)
  • Underfloor heating: Heat distribution
  • Radiators: Silting
  • Building shells: Cold bridges
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