Ventilation & Air Conditioning Systems

A good working climate goes without saying nowadays in most companies, at least from a technical point of view – ultimately, there are high-performance ventilation and air conditioning systems in modern workplaces. However, it is important that these systems always have the optimum settings and maintenance.

The right ventilation measuring solutions and air conditioning measuring solutions for every application. For testing ventilation ducts and VAC systems, checking comfort and IAQ, you are best equipped with measurement technology from Testo.

Testo measurement technology supports you as a ventilation and air conditioning expert, facility manager, assessor or energy consultant. With measuring instruments from Testo, you quickly, efficiently and securely measure parameters such as temperature, air flow velocity, CO2, light intensity, sound level and rpm. You can reliably calculate volume flow and dewpoint, and test VAC systems in ducts and at outlets – and with the volume flow straightener from Testo, this can now even be carried out with great precision at swirl outlets. You can produce a clear analysis of your results and test reports whenever required on site.

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Ventilation duct

Testo 510 for ventilation duct measurement

Observance of air flows in the ventilation duct is of utmost importance for the function of the ventilation and air conditioning system.

  • Accurate recording of air flows in the ventilation duct
  • Ensure the removal of room loads (heating, cooling and substance loads)

Air outlets

Air outlets

Every duct inlet and outlet should only contain the volumetric flow that, according to its calculations, is the basic requirement for a system that works efficiently.

  • Measure the volumetric flow according to EN 16211 in a reliable way

Pressure on filters

Testo 510 for differential pressure measurement

Air conditioning systems are equipped with filters which prevent dirt from the outside air entering the indoor air.

  • Measure differential pressure to check whether the filter is still fully functional
  • If the pressure is too high, the filter is contaminated and needs changing

Balanced ventilation systems

Measurement technology for balanced ventilation systems

Indoor climate measuring instruments and probes from Testo support you in all phases of a BVS: From the planning phase through the optimum adjustment up to regular monitoring of the performance – intuitively, precisely and taking legal conformity into consideration.

  • Measure supply air
  • Check exhaust air vents in bathrooms and kitchens
  • Check indoor humidity and temperature