Fine pressure probe - for heating system checks / 4 pascal measurement

Order-Nr.  0638 0330

  • Carrying out heating system checks and 4 pascal measurement with compatible flue gas analyzer and accessories

  • Simultaneous measurement of gas pressure and flue gas values

  • No zero point drift during pressure measurement (cyclic zeroing)

The fine pressure probe (with the appropriate flue gas analyzer and accessories) is ideally suited for carrying out heating system checks and 4 pascal measurement.

Product Description

The high-precision probe is used for the measurement of differential pressure and temperature in combination with the testo 320 and testo 330. Heating checks (according to DIN EN 15378) and 4 pascal measurement can be carried out with further accessories.

Cyclic zeroing means the fine pressure probe has no zero point drift and provides high-precision readings. In addition, the fine pressure probe makes simultaneous gas pressure measurement and flue gas analysis possible with the testo 320 or testo 330.


Delivery Scope

Fine pressure probe.