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Ambient monitoring system - Saveris

Testo Saveris measuring data monitoring system allows you to monitor ambient conditions in industrial bakeries, blood banks, clinics, laboratories and a wide range of other climate sensitive sites and buildings.

The testo Saveris Base is the heart of the system. It collects measuring data from up to 150 sensors, analyzes the data and triggers an alarm if a threshold has been breached.

The unit can also save up to 40 000 measurements per measuring channel independently of any PC.

  • Up to 150 sensors can be connected
  • Graphic display, 4 operating keys
  • Interfaces: wireless, ethernet, USB
  • Alarm relays for connecting alarm sensors (e.g. lights, horns

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Purchase Saveris & get a FREE testo Saveris PROF Software Classic basic package

  •     PROF Classic basic package – licence for 1 to 5 users
  •     Client and viewer software including database - for installation on the PC or server
  •     Monitor measurement data from multiple PCs
  •     Analysis and graphical/tabular display of measurement data, customizable alarm management and reporting

With the testo Saveris PROF Software Classic basic package, up to five users can monitor measurement data from the testo Saveris data logger system on their PC.

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Monitoring Humidity & Temperature with Saveris

The measurement data monitoring system testo Saveris monitors temperature and humidity values without interruption in wide-ranging measurement sites. Wireless and Ethernet probes allow versatile applications:

  • Monitoring and documentation in Production,Quality Assurance and R & D
  •  Monitoring of the storage climate of valuable inventory, medicaments and foods
  • Monitoring of the food cold chain

The Base is the heart of testo Saveris and can store 40,000measurement values. The large selection of wireless probes allows a practically unlimited versatility of application. The existing LAN structure can be used with the Ethernet probes. The Router improves wireless connection in unfavourable constructional situations. By connecting a Converter to an Ethernet socket, the signal from a wireless probe can be converted to an Ethernet signal.


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