testo 319 - Fiberscope

Order-Nr.  0632 3191

  • Optics: 6,000 pixels with a field of view of 50°

  • Stability thanks to Decabon pipe

  • Gooseneck casing for medium flexibility

  • 3-arm gripper: Grips small objects (optional)

testo 319 fiberscope

Product Description

The testo 319 fibre-glass fiberscope facilitates easy inspections at difficult-to-access points such as in air ducts, ventilators, machines and motors etc. Diagnoses such as corrosion, friction wear, condition of welding joints, loose parts and lots more can be made very early, very quickly and very easily using endoscopy.

The flexible testo 319 can be guided through hollow spaces, bore holes and bends. You can adjust the focus using the focussing wheel. In this way the damaged point can be appraised without the need for dismantling.

Highly flexible with a bending radius of only 50 mm, with middle flexibility or stiff; extraordinarily versatile applications thanks to different, push-on casings.


Optical inspection

Optical inspection describes systems which use image processing to find damage or cracks in technical cavities and those which are generally difficult to access (pipes, walls, etc.) and give a visual presentation of them.

Optical inspection involves physically inserting a lens into a cavity and transmitting both image and light to an eyepiece via glass-fibre bundles. Users hold the instrument in their hand and visually monitor the information which is displayed. This means they can detect cracks or surface damage at an early stage and draw conclusions about the condition of a cavity. For example, they can therefore decide whether a gas pipeline can be sealed from the inside or if parts of the line need to be renewed. A further possibility offered by the application is locating parts which have been lost in cavities. These can be identified via the visual inspection. The additional elements which are fitted onto the probe tip, such as a mirror (to see round angles), a magnetic hook (for picking up metal/magnetic parts) or a small three-armed grab (for picking up small, non-metallic parts) enable a wide range of uses.