Your online data store (Testo Cloud)

We offer a free Cloud access for your WiFi data logger system. You can use it to view and manage the measurement values stored online, and to use the alarm function via e-mail. You can also set up your system in the Testo Cloud – simply follow the step-by-step instructions.

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The advantages of the Cloud at a glance

  • Central operating element for the monitoring, documentation and administration of all measurement locations
  • Secure protection of your measurement data from unauthorized access by third parties
  • Automatic storage of your measurement values, all measurement data are constantly available
  • Alarm function for critical values
  • Two licence packages with different scopes of function

Download: Whitepaper

White paper on Cloud technology

Everything you need to know about the Testo Cloud

In our whitepaper on Cloud technology, you get comprehensive information on the benefits for your application as well as important aspects such as data security and availability.

Our Cloud packages in comparison

Measurement rateFixedFlexible
Data storageMax. 3 monthsMax. 2 years
Number of users per account110
AlarmsE-mailE-mail, SMS
PricesFree of chargeFrom 12.00 EUR per logger/year*

*depending on duration of licence

Pro tip

With an upgrade to the advanced licence, you ensure maximum flexibility:

  • Measurement rate freely selectable
  • Reports automatically sent by e-mail fulfil the documentation obligation
  • Several user profiles – important, for example in cases of several branches or sites
  • Alarm also by SMS
Saveris 2 trial access for the Testo Cloud

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