testo 6383 - differential pressure transmitter for cleanrooms

Order-Nr.  0555 6383

  • Flat housing enables flush surface integration in the cleanroom wall

  • Low measuring range from 10 Pa ensures very high precision at the lowest pressures

  • Pressure transmitter for measuring differential pressure, as an option: humidity and temperature

  • Automatic zero-point adjustment guarantees high temperature-independent accuracy and long-term stability

With the testo 6383, you get a differential pressure transmitter in a cleanroom-compliant panel design. In addition to differential pressure, the transmitter also offers humidity and temperature recording (with an optional probe).


Product Description

The testo 6383 transmitter was specially designed for monitoring differential pressure in the 10 Pa to 10 hPa measuring range. In cleanroom technology, the maintenance of positive pressure prevents the entry of contaminated air.

An optional probe from the testo 6610 probe series also enables simultaneous recording of humidity and temperature with one transmitter.

A particularly outstanding feature of the testo 6383 pressure transmitter for differential pressure is the automatic zero-point adjustment, which ensures high accuracy and long-term stability. The integrated self-monitoring and early warning function also guarantees high system availability for the operator.

testo 6383 pressure transmitter for differential pressure for use in cleanrooms

  • Monitoring positive and negative pressure in cleanrooms, operating theatres and isolation rooms
  • Optional monitoring of humidity and temperature in cleanrooms

Delivery Scope

testo 6383 differential pressure transmitter with cleanroom-compliant panel design, optional humidity/temperature recording, selectable measuring range between 10 Pa and 10 hPa, selectable signal outputs and optional display (depending on the configuration).



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