Cool Solutions Distribution use thermal imaging for instant and non-intrusive temperature measurement


Cool Solutions Distribution Ltd (CSD) are a Leeds based Toshiba air conditioning design house and distributor. Based in Yorkshire, CSD serve customers throughout the UK. They have a well-stocked trade counter to support their network of customers with all ancillaries needed to install, service and maintain a refrigeration or air conditioning system. Products and services CSD offer range from copper pipe, insulation, cable and mechanical fixings, through to refrigerants and specialist tooling for refrigeration and air conditioning engineers

Throughout the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration sectors, temperature measurement is an important part of daily work. For those who are regularly servicing heating systems or air conditioning units on site, thermal imaging offers a quick and non-intrusive way of checking temperature of pipes, flow and return temperature, underfloor heating as well as locating blockages and leaks. This can save a huge amount of time when it comes to diagnosing issues, or even avoiding potential problems going forward


The challenge

CSD commission cooling and ventilation systems for large office spaces. Typically, systems require multiple air conditioning units and outlets, with many pipe runs and flow returns. CSD are regularly required to take pipe temperatures and readings on site. In the past, this has proved to be time consuming and awkward, especially if the space is occupied with people, desks or other items. Research led Matt Worsman of CSD to explore how thermal imaging might be used to improve and speed up this process. Due to the company’s previous experience of Testo products and trust in the Testo brand, CSD selected the testo 865 Thermal Imaging Camera. Matt emphasised the quality, price and ease of use of Testo products as the deciding factors.  

The solution

Using the testo 865, CSD can very quickly get an overview that all the pipes and outlets are operating at the required temperatures. Sections which are blocked or not functioning correctly can be identified and diagnosed in a fraction of the time.

The testo 865 thermal imaging camera combines all the important properties required for high-quality thermographic measurement. It is accurate, fast and reliable. With an infrared resolution of 160 x 120 pixels, the testo 865 provides high-quality thermography at an affordable price. And thanks to its robustness, it is suitable for even the toughest work environments.

With testo 865, CSD are able to take fast and non-intrusive temperature measurements, whenever required. As Matt explained “The use of access equipment has been significantly reduced.” 

Matt also emphasised the time-saving advantages CSD have benefited from: “The use of this camera has reduced time on site by a huge amount. The fact that working at height is also reduced is a great bonus. Being able to record the measured data provides proof and evidence of a system’s performance.”

When asked to describe Testo in a sentence, Matt said “Smooth, efficient and professional – Testo”.


Key Advantages of the testo 865 thermal imaging camera




  • Perfect instant and non-intrusive diagnostic tool
  • Unbeatable price performance ratio
  • High infrared resolution 320x240 pixels with Super Resolution technology
  • Robust and high quality German engineering 
  • Auto-detection of hot and cold spots
  • Many applications - HVAC engineers can benefit from a whole range of applications with thermal imaging