Flue Gas Analyser Servicing


All flue gas analysers must be maintained in full working order and must be calibrated every year in order to provide safe operation. At Testo we recognise that providing fast, efficient and cost effective servicing and calibration options is very important to our customers. Please feel free to give our dedicated service team a call on 01420 566841 then press option 2, or alternatively you can send us your analyser via UPS collection form by clicking here.

New - Simple - Fast

Testo's New Flue gas analyser service prices start from just just £99 per year. This is without being tied down to any service contract, or plan. Now Testo not only have the best quality equipment and services, but also have service prices to match.

  • Quality serving you expect from Testo
  • New simple options, offering great value for money
  • The fastest calibration in the business - now guaranteed


There are 2 new options available; Pure, & Premium. You can pick the best one to suit you:

Pure level service: includes full instrument check and service, ISO calibration certificate, Calibration of gas sensors, temperature and pressure ranges, and Replacement O2 and CO sensors.

Premium level service: includes full instrument check and service, ISO calibration certificate, Calibration of gas sensors, temperature and pressure ranges, Replacement O2 and CO sensors, All spare parts required with no exceptions, UPS collection and return, Fast Track Service Guaranteed - 3 day service which is measured from the date we receive the FGA to date dispatched from Testo.


Flue Gas Analyser Service & Calibration

  Pure Premium

Testo 310 / 320B

Part Number


300000 6001


300000 6002

Testo 327

Part Number


300000 6101


300000 6102

Testo 330

Part Number


300000 6201


300000 6202


Annual Analyser Health Check

ISO Calibration Certificate, includes calibration of gas sensors, temperature and pressure
Replacement sensors when needed
Free online app to check the progress of your FGA service
Convenient drop off / collection at your local heating merchant *
All spare parts required, with no exceptions  
UPS collect and return service  
Fast Track Guaranteed 3 Day Service  

* Available at merchants across the UK including Parts Center, Plumb Center, Travis Perkins, City Plumbing, City Heating Spares, PTS and independent merchants.

All prices are subject to VAT. Pure & Premium service options available on Testo 310/320B/327/330 manufactured after 1st January 2011. Fast Track service is measured from date received at Testo to date dispatched from Testo. An additional charge of £15 applies if UPS collect and return is required with Pure services. Testo 330 NO sensor not included. Spare parts cover analyser and probe only. Misuse and abuse not covered, fair usage policy applies. Other service options are available. Produced by Testo Limited, September 2015. Prices quoted are Trade Prices. All prices & specification correct at time of printing and subject to change without notice.




Better value, less downtime


Our best value offering is our Premium service. For just an extra £30 you will save on the following: an estimated £20 worth of spare parts per service order, £15 for carriage, and a guaranteed fast-track 3 day turn round. At Testo we understand how important it is to have your anlayser away for as little time as possible and we've taken this into account with our premium service plan.

For more detail on Testo Service and Calibration please call our service department on 01420 544433 and press option 2.