Identify mould danger 

Humidity and temperature are the deciding factors in mould formation. It's necessary to take spot measurements to identify mould risk, especially in renovation, insulation and drying work. This is the only way to prevent high costs to fix mould damage and to protect the health of the inhabitants. 

testo Smart Probes Mould Kit for efficient mould prevention

  • Measurement spot marking with laser function 
  • Display and evaluation of the mould risk in traffic light colours
  • Easy smart measurement data analysis, dispatch and photo documentation with the testo Smart Probes App

testo thermal imagers for highly precise measurements

  • Illustrative thermal image of the mould risk in traffic light colours
  • Highly accuracte thermal image of mould risk and effortless calculation of relative surface moisture in combination with wireless humidity probe
  • User-friendly operation; ergonomic rotating hand and rotatable fold-out display