Lord Combustion Services improve efficiency, ensure accuracy and deliver paperless reporting with testo Bluetooth HVAC measuring instruments


Lord Combustion Services is a commercial heating contractor, established for over 35 years. Based in Oldbury, West Midlands, Lord Combustion provides services predominantly for council properties such as care home, schools and libraries, in addition to a range of commercial and industrial customers such as the Merry Hill Shopping Centre and Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club. Contracts also involve a large number of domestic properties.

A team of 35 engineers and fitters carry our installation and service work for heating and hot water systems, commercial kitchens, insulation and pipework.



The challenge

Commercial contractors must successfully manage the relationship between manufacturers, utility providers and facility managers in order to complete jobs safely and on time.

• Manufacturers require proof of commissioning in order to validate the warranty and can also send their own engineer to commission at the cost of the contractor

• Gas boilers require minimum inlet gas pressure which can be challenging when the manufacturer specifies 17.5mbar and the utility provider only guarantees 18mbar. It requires accurately documented measurements to negotiate a safe and reliable outcome.

• Facility managers require proof that work has been carried out and evidence that their systems are set up and running correctly. 

As well as managing the installation and service work, commercial contractors need to reliably document the measurements carried out.

Printed tickets from a boiler combustion test are proof of measurement and include a date and time stamp. The printout can be provided to the customer, kept in contractor records, and sometimes stuck to the boiler. Printed tickets have their limitations though, as they can be easily mislaid and are inconvenient to share or use in reports.


The solution

Lord Combustion use JobLogic software for field service management. The software allocates work to engineers, and also provides a method of recording all site work. Each engineer is equipped with a PDA to accept and report jobs.

Using Testo instrumentation with Bluetooth enables Lord Combustion engineers to record measurements directly from the instruments to their PDA. The resulting PDF reports are attached to the JobLogic report electronically. Optionally, if the customer also wants a printout on site this is carried out with the traditional ticket printer.

Lord Combustion use pre-commissioning tests to ensure sites are ready for the manufacturers commissioning test. For boiler servicing and commissioning Lord Combustion use Testo 330-2LL flue gas analysers with Bluetooth. All the combustion measurements including CO2, O2, ratio, ambient temperature, flue temperature, excess air, undiluted CO are saved into the PDF report

Gas pressure is recorded using Testo 510i Smart Probes, enabling the engineer to quickly and easily carry out a minimum inlet pressure test by putting the burner on full load while measuring the gas pressure. In the event of a query, the report can easily be referred to as proof of what was measured and importantly when it was measured. Disputes are easily resolved with concise site data.

For servicing and commissioning of air handling units and ventilation systems in shopping centres and commercial kitchens, Lord Combustion use Testo 410i Smart Probe vane anemometers. Testo 410i can measure the air velocity, volume flow and air temperature. Again the PDF report can be recorded with date and time stamp.