Medium Combustion Plant Directive

The Environment Agency for England and Wales launched the Medium Combustion Plant Directive in 2018 to provide a framework for operators of combustion plants greater than 1MW and less than 50MW. Under these regulations the operator may be required to adhere to agreed Emissions Limits Vales and to undergo periodic or continuous monitoring of emissions. The Scottish Environmental Protection Agency also have a consultation paper on MCPD. 

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Medium Combustion Plant Guidance
Scottish Environmental Protection Agency 


Combustion Analysers

For combustion engineers carrying out these measurements, Testo has a range of analysers to meet the needs in the Portable Analyser or Handheld Emissions Category. Portable analysers must have been certified under the Environmental Agency MCERTS scheme. MCERTS stands for 'Monitoring Certification Scheme' and provides evidence of accuracy and reliability. 

Testo 350 analysers have been approved under the MCERTS scheme. 

In some applications, as an interim measure, an analyser conforming to EN50379-2 can be used. Testo 300 has been approved to EN50379-2 and provides a smart 3-sensor analyser. Alternatively, testo 340 also meets the standard and has the added advantage of a wider measurement range and 4 sensors configurable with O2, CO, NO, NO2 or SO2. 

From the end of 2024 all combustion analysers used on MCPD plants must be MCERTS certified. 

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