Disruptions to the production process can have devastating and far-reaching consequences for any company. Using Testo thermal cameras and monitoring equipment for quality assurance you can minimise risks.

Climate monitoring


Complete solution

Cold chain compliance has to be checked and verified for almost all temperature-sensitive goods.

  • Use climate monitoring system
  • Continuous documentation of storage temperatures

Quality assurance


Testo thermal imagers ensure precise situation analyses, thus supporting process control and product quality assurance.

  • Detect foreign bodies in production processes
  • Discover anomalies in the heat distribution of components

High temperature


Whether in glass bottle manufacturing, ceramics or tile production: Wherever hot materials are processed, quality can suffer if machines and conveyor belts are not suitably heated.

  • Testo thermal imagers allow you to test the exact temperatures from a safe distance
  • Identify wear, damaged insulation and coking on furnaces and ladles
  • Operation does not need to be interrupted