Refrigeration technology

In a refrigeration system, pressure, temperature and any superheating or subcooling must be checked to ensure the system is running smoothly. Tightness must also be ensured, with the source of any leaks identified quickly.

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Checking refrigeration systems


In refrigeration systems pressures, temperatures and any system superheating or subcooling have to be checked for a system to function smoothly.

  • Check all important parameters
  • Ensure the tightness of the system 
  • Evaluate the efficiency of the system


Vacuum measurement


Professional, reliable evacuation is an essential stage of the work to be carried out before initial commissioning or recommissioning of every refrigeration system or air conditioning system.

  • Execute high-precision vacuum measurement

Leak detection


Leakages on a refrigeration system, such as an air conditioning system, can quickly lead to serious consequences.

  • Detect even tiny leakages
  • Avoid damages of the system