Save on oil costs and ensure consistent quality of fried foods – with a testo 270 Cooking Oil Tester


Whilst many have now adopted the technology, still a significant number of restaurants and food service providers don’t have a suitable system in place to show them when to change the oil in their fryers. Generally, they fall into one of 2 categories; changing their oil too frequently, or not often enough. Both cases create serious issues for the affected company, issues which ironically, are very easily rectified.

Without a system in place there is no way you can guarantee you are being economical in terms of oil consumption. In some extreme cases, we have found companies save as much as 20% on oil consumption simply by testing it on a regular basis. This soon adds up, especially when you think about this expenditure over the space of a year, or across multiple sites.

On the other end of the spectrum, restaurants will find they are not changing frying oil often enough. This puts companies in danger of producing a poor standard of fried food. The batter can become saturated with oil, giving you a greasy end product. There is an added risk with this, using such aged oil can also cause problems in terms of cooking, with the inner food (for example chicken, potato) not actually cooking properly. This, of course, could lead to a whole new list of problems for any company serving food.

Another huge issue surrounding oil quality is product consistency. This is perhaps the biggest reason to optimise oil use. Without regular cooking oil testing, you will not be able to produce the consistent level of fried product quality, which customer’s will have come to expect

With a cooking oil tester such as the testo 270 you can test oil quality in seconds. Whilst the science behind the testing is, as you’d imagine somewhat complex, the instrument itself couldn’t be a simpler. Just wait for the oil to cool and insert the probe. It will then give you a colour coded reading to say whether the oil is OK or not. Green = Good, Amber = needs changing soon and Red = the oil is past the curve and will need changing immediately. The testo 270 is also NSF and HACCP certified.

The benefits of regular cooking oil testing cannot be denied. Huge numbers of restaurants and caterers profit across the globe. Join many of the world’s leading restaurant chains by adopting this innovative technology. By adding this simple spot-check to your restaurant’s daily quality checks, you will ensure you are optimising your oil expenditure, whilst guaranteeing the same great quality fried foods, every time.