Temp Technical use the testo 557s Digital Manifold

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Meet Temp Technical

Temp Technical is a small family-run business, based in Tonbridge, Kent. They provide service, installation, and maintenance services across both the refrigeration and air conditioning sectors. The measurement of both refrigeration and air conditioning systems are an important part of the HVAC industry. Primarily covering small commercial refrigeration and both the domestic and commercial sides of air conditioning, much of Temp Technical’s recent work has been focused on residential areas due to an uplift in demand.

Choosing the testo 557s

So, moving on to the application at hand, Temp Technical decided on the testo 557s Smart Vaccum Kit, as their next Testo purchase. Having previously used standard Refco analogue gauge manifolds they decided they wanted to change over to a tool that was more accurate and offered a wider range of features – such as ‘being able to change the refrigerant at the touch of a button.’

Here’s what Toby at Temp Technical had to say:

“I have been using Testo products for a number of years now. I first made the jump to digital gauges when I purchased a set of 550s. I was attracted to the use of digital gauges for mainly accuracy reasons. I wanted a manifold that was able to record pressure testing readings and create a PDF file to keep for records, I also loved the fact that they had Bluetooth.”

“After purchasing the 550 manifold, I then started looking into other Testo products such as the testo 905i thermometer and also the hygrometer for recording temperatures and humidity. I also purchased a set of 549i Smart Probes for my service calls and ease of connection to a system, quickly, to check the pressures and without the need for gauge lines. I later purchased some testo 557 gauges to use with the torr gauge as well which I found great. When I saw that the 557s manifold was going to be released I couldn’t resist! When I first started using Testo gauges there were many other brands selling them, but I had heard good things about Testo so I decided to put my trust in their products.”

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Key advantages of the testo 557s digital manifold

The testo 557s offers completely wireless measurements and all results at a glance: thanks to the handy Bluetooth probes and large graphic display. Measurements and documentation are easy, wireless and flexible with temperature and vacuum measurements via automatic Bluetooth®

The testo 557s is also exceptionally compact and reliable thanks to the easy-to-handle, robust housing with IP54 protection class.

“I now use the 557s manifold with the 552i vacuum probe, alongside the pipe clamps for most of my work. I also use the smart probes for commissioning systems with a quick release coupler to minimise loss of refrigerant from the system.” – Toby Henwood, Temp Technical

The introduction of a Testo Digital Manifold into your daily work allows you to be ‘accurate and versatile’, with kits being ‘easy to use, well-built and reliable’.

The experience with a Testo product in one word? “Gamechanging.”