Testo 330i flue gas analyser provides a flexible and efficient solution for Greenheat UK Ltd.

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Greenheat UK Ltd is a Hertfordshire based heating engineering company, providing installation, servicing and repairs on both commercial and domestic boiler systems. They are Keston and Ideal Commercial specialists. Their clients include several high-profile museums and ecclesiastical venues and they install on average around 120 boilers a year and have around 800 boilers on annual service contracts. To support this, they currently employ 6 engineers who cover primarily the London and South-East area but who occasionally are called for specific jobs further afield. Working on boilers of both varying size and fuels means that Greenheat UK Ltd need to have flue gas analysers that can cope with any situation they are called to. 


The challenge

As Greenheat UK Ltd are involved in both domestic and commercial servicing they needed a flue gas analyser that could cope with the demands of both markets. Many flue gas analysers on the market are only suited to domestic servicing and potentially are easy to damage when used in commercial sector work due to the higher potential CO levels found and the longer-term testing needed. Greenheat UK wanted to move away from traditional ‘print-outs’ of results from analysers for reasons of better documentation of work completed, and to be able to offer fast and concise ‘on-site’ reporting.

The solution

Using the Testo 330i allows Greenheat UK Ltd to have the flexibility to safely and effectively cover boilers from domestic installations through to light commercial use of around 400kw. The Testo 330i ‘smart’ analyser connects directly to a smartphone via Bluetooth allowing the user to remotely control the analyser from up to 10m away which is useful when dealing with larger commercial applications. More importantly, the Testo 330i can save and email test results direct from site, saving time and costs.

Further additional benefits of moving to the Testo 330i include the ability to measure high CO levels without risk of damage to the analyser due to its automatic measurement dilution system, which also allows the initial ‘zeroing’ to be taken whilst in the flue, which again speeds up commissioning.

Also, the Testo 330i is fully upgradable for commercial users who may need to take NOx measurements, as the analyser has a 3rd sensor slot which can be fitted with the appropriate Nitric Oxide measurement cell.

Martin Coulstock, Operations and Business Development Manager of Greenheat UK Ltd: “All of our engineers use Testo products of some sort. We use the Testo 330i as the main servicing tool for our technical director. He also uses the full array of Testo Smartprobes to additionally aid him during service work, so we have fully embraced all the new technology on offer from Testo to help make our service work more efficient for both ourselves and our customers. Since the Testo products work efficiently and effectively they enable our engineers to conduct business without stress or event