The Manor Drug Company Ltd guarantee GDP-compliant storage and distribution with testo Saveris


The Manor Drug Company Ltd is the parent company of two pharmacy retail chains Peak Pharmacy and Tims and Parker. The 2 companies currently consist of over 60 pharmacies in the UK

The company proudly describe itself as a family based businesses, with pharmacies which serve the communities across Derbyshire, the West Midlands, Lancashire and Cheshire.

The Manor Drug Company have a clear vision which is ‘To deliver a high quality healthcare service to our Customers, empower our Staff and develop our future with Suppliers’. As a pharmaceutical wholesaler, ensuring a constant indoor climate is critical to complying with quality requirements. 

Continuous temperature monitoring is therefore a requirement; to guarantee GDP-compliant storage prior to distribution to pharmacies, to respond to any deviations in a timely manner, and to provide proof of due-diligence when it comes to MHRA audits.



The challenge

The Manor Drug Company’s previous method was manual temperature measurement, which is time consuming and also leaves room for missed records and user error. The time taken is particularly significant when you consider the amount of measurement points required for a pharmaceutical wholesaler of this scale, both in storage and during transport.

The introduction of an automated system has proved particularly convenient for Laura Buckley, the individual responsible for compliance at The Manor Drug Company, due to her requirement to work remotely for other company sites. For Laura, the fact she is accountable for so many sites means she can’t possibly be in all places at once.


The solution

The data monitoring system testo Saveris measures temperature and humidity values in sensitive goods, throughout the pharmaceutical cold-chain. This easy to operate system, provides transparency and traceability, as well as savings of time and costs thanks to automated measurement data recording. 

Measurement data is transferred by wireless and/or Ethernet connection to a Base station, documenting and monitoring all measurement data continuously. If limit values are exceeded, the system features several alarm options such as SMS/e-mail alarm or alarm relay.

All recorded data are centrally stored in a software, allowing comprehensive analysis and evaluation of all measurements. Testo’s validatable 21 CFR Part 11 software is also available for applications which require this additional level of security.

The Manor Drug Company are using a testo Saveris system to monitor temperature of pharmaceuticals, and having been using the system for approximately 4 years (at the time of writing). In their storage depot they monitor the ambient temperature, using 10 testo Saveris T1 loggers, which have an internal temperature sensor.



The Manor Drug Company also monitor temperature during transport, using a testo Saveris T2 logger n each of its 15 vans. A great advantage to The Manor Drug Company of using a logger with both internal and external sensors is they are able to monitor the ambient temperature in the van, as well as the temperature of the coolbox which stores the pharmaceuticals.

Employing a system which takes measurements automatically has a number of practical advantages, as Laura explains “We’ve found the system very easy to use. It’s proved very handy for me to keep a track of the ambient / cold chain temperatures within the warehouse and vans on a daily basis, in conjunction with my RP workload for other company sites.”

The Manor Drug Company are really impressed with the resource saving of an automated monitoring system, in comparison to manual extraction of measurement data. When asked to sum up their experience with Testo Saveris in a word, Laura said “Time-Saving”.