With the importance and potential risk associated with transporting goods across long distances, it is important to know that the products have been kept in the correct conditions. Should the cold chain be broken at any point, there can be huge repercussions, for example quality issues, financial losses or even serious damage to the health of the consumer. This can then lead to a product recall or worse, a lawsuit, which is certain to damage any brand’s reputation.

Continuous temperature monitoring is particularly important when it comes to transporting food. This is the only way legal hygiene standards can be fulfilled and the quality, safety and preservation of food goods is guaranteed.

Fortunately for businesses in this situation, a solution is available. With testo 184 data loggers, you can monitor every step of the cold chain. The loggers travel during freight and in loading rooms, monitoring temperatures throughout the transportation of sensitive goods on the rail, in the air, or on the road.

Key benefits

  • The testo 184 data loggers have been certified by HACCP International.
  • Quick, easy configuration via USB – no software needed.
  • Clear identification of limit value violations via LEDs and display.
  • Easy evaluation thanks to automatically generated PDF report.
  • Delivered with traceable calibration certificate in accordance with ISO 17025, which is included on the logger in the form of a PDF.