Unleash Your Engine's Horsepower!

Produce maximum horsepower with the lowest emissions using the testo 350. The ideal analyser for emission testing and engine optimisation. Generating ultimate horsepower with the lowest emissions is critical for power generation, natural gas compression, or for the combination of heating and power generation (CHP). 

Download Testo's PDF and learn more about:

  • Proper engine tuning and testing
  • What combustion characteristics contribute to detonation problems
  • How engine emissions develop
  • How the testo 350 can be used for borth tuning and emission testing
  • Better understanding of how proper engine setup can provide better combustion and lower emissions 



Diesel Particulate Measurement 

Whether you are a technician servicing diesel engines or a manufacturer who needs to proivde proof of emission values - determining the smoke count is often part of your job. With the Smoke Tester testo 338, you are equipped for the determination of the degree of blackening from diesel engines. 

The easy-to-operate, handy measuring instrument records the soot concentration (mg/m3) and the Filter Smoke Number (FSN) or Bosch number for you. 

The following features are helpful in a smoke counter: 

  • easy-to-follow menu
  • measurement is automatic
  • accurate determination of soot concentration 

Smoke count measuring instrument - working with a degree of blackening measuring instrument

Testo 338 is a handy instrument able to measuring the Filter Smoke Number, Bosch Number and the soot concentration in emissions from diesel engines. It it possible for you to take the instrument with you and use it at different job sites. This special fine particle measuring instrument can carry out a direct evaluation. 

This is especially important so that you have the data ready to hand on site and can react. This is important in particular regard to testing diesel engines. This way, the occurrence of emissions is prevented. A diesel engine injection can also be adjusted in order to reduce the soot emission. 

The instruments from Testo's portfolio are also suitable for industry. It is therefore unimportant whether the diesel engines you wish to test are in vehicles, industrial plants or on ships. Measurement systems no longer need to be installed on site. This means a considerable saving of costs.