Building analysis and energy consultation

In energy consulting, infrared technology is ideally suited for the fast and effective analysis of energy losses of buildings. Thermal imagers are therefore ideal for diagnosing and documenting energy-related weak points in buildings, e.g. 

  • Exterior windows and doors
  • Roller shutter boxes
  • Radiator recesses 
  • Roof structures
  • or the overall building shell. 

Thanks to their high temperature resolution, Testo thermal imagers provide detailed and reliable images of inadequate insulation and thermal bridges. 

Testo thermal imagers support you in in energy consultation

  • Optimal image quality for high-contrast thermal images
  • Intuitive documentation for impressive reports
  • Interchangeable lenses for spatial flexibility
  • Streaming of thermal images to mobile end devices for full transparency
Find the thermal imager that best fits your building thermography needs.

Building thermography application videos

Video: Building thermography with the testo 883

Building thermography with the thermal imager testo 872

Professional image analysis and report generation on a PC

What our customers say

Kuno Schlatter

testo 883 reference case study: Kuno Schlatter

Clever complete package for energy consultants: Thermal imaging camera testo 883 with pro software testo IRSoft in testing.

Eschig Innenarchitekten

testo 883 reference case study: Eschig Innenarchitekten

Sees what others do not see: The testo 883 thermal imaging camera with the highest image quality.

AEON architecten

testo 883 reference case study: AEON architecten

Made for the highest demands: The testo 883 thermal imaging camera with best image quality and professional software testo IRSoft.

More information about building thermography

Your advantages of Testo thermal imagers in building thermography

Identify the finest differences:
High thermal sensitivity (NETD)

  • Finest temperature differences become visible
  • Even for the smallest structures
  • For meaningful thermal images

No more overlooking anomalies:
testo ScaleAssist

  • Optimum scale is automatically set
  • Objectively comparable images
  • Only see what’s important

Be completely flexible:
Wide-angle and telephoto lens

  • Standard lens for close objects and indoor recording
  • Telephoto lens for far distant objects and outdoor recording
  • Lens exchanged in just a few seconds

Evaluate mould risk:
Humidity image

  • Directly in the thermal image
  • Intuitively according to the traffic light principle
  • Radio humidity probe can be integrated

Professional documentation:
testo IRSoft

  • Process and comprehensively analyze thermal images
  • Fast and easy reports thanks to templates
  • Free with every Testo thermal imager

Stream measurements live:
testo Thermography App

  • Smartphone/tablet as a second display
  • Ideal for convincing customers
  • Fast reports on site

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