Building analysis and energy consultation

In energy consultation, you won’t always get the chance to inspect dream castles. But building analysis and energy consultation on a more modest residential house without a thermal imager is no longer conceivable.

Because only with building thermography can energetic weak spots, hidden leaks and building faults be impressively visualized at a glance. Thermal imagers from Testo provide you with additional support including:

  • High-contrast thermal images
  • Evaluating mould risk according to the traffic light principle
  • Streaming of thermal images to mobile end devices
  • Intuitive documentation
  • Support when recording larger objects
  • Flexibility with exchangeable lenses

Don’t overlook any more faults:
testo ScaleAssist

  • Optimum scale is automatically set
  • Objectively comparable images
  • Only see what’s important

Evaluate mould risk:
Humidity image

  • Directly in the thermal image
  • Intuitively according to the traffic light principle
  • Radio humidity probe can be integrated

Stream measurements live:
testo Thermography App

  • Smartphone/tablet as a second display
  • Ideal for convincing customers
  • Fast reports on site

Professional documentation:
testo IRSoft

  • Process and comprehensively analyze thermal images
  • Fast and easy reports thanks to templates
  • Free with every Testo thermal imager

Record large objects:
Panorama image assistant

  • Display very large objects on one image
  • High level of detail for optimum analysis

Ready for every job:
Exchangeable lenses

  • Standard lens for close objects and indoor recording
  • Telephoto lens for far distant objects and outdoor recording
  • Lens exchanged in just a few seconds

Would you welcome some advice?

Use our online product configurator to find exact the right thermal imager for your requirements.

Building thermography with the thermal imager testo 872

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Thermal imager support

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