Guarantee building efficiency and comfort with measurement solutions from Testo

Operating cost, energy consumption, user comfort: As a facility manager, you need to keep an eye on a number of things. And also increase the efficiency of systems and processes. How do you manage that?

With the right measurement technology for all building management tasks. Together with tailored service which has you covered.

At Testo, you get both: precise measurement technology and full service from one source. For efficiently adjusted plants and more efficient work.

Take a look into the Testo house, and see for yourself.


Testo Guide: Comfort Level Measurement in the Workplace

  • A practical guide for those responsible for indoor climate that outlines the benefits of the use of professional measuring technology and processes.
  • The report provides advise on methods to objectively evaluate the level of comfort, pinpoint the causes of poor performance
Measurement solutions for facility management

Your advantages at Testo

Quality from one source

Testo as a partner in facility management


  • Measurement technology for all jobs in facility management
  • Professional multifunction measuring instruments
  • Robust and long-lasting technology
  • Time-saving digital documentation


Services from one provider

Testo as a service partner


  • Instruments repairs
  • Made-to-measure probe construction
  • Calibration and validation



Always on the safe side with PRIMAS


The test equipment management system PRIMAS is an overall solution for your test equipment.

  • Calibration
  • Documentation management
  • Software
  • Logistics
  • Organisation