Thermography in facility management

Leaks, high transfer resistances and other anomalies result in a change of temperature and can be quickly and easily visualized using the thermography imaging process.

The use of a thermal imager facilitates and optimizes work in Facility Management. Below we will show you the most important applications of thermography in Facility Management, so that you can use the thermal imager even more efficiently.

  • Checking heating systems and finding leaks
  • Inspecting electrical plants for thermal anomalies
  • Ensuring the energy efficiency of buildings
  • Ensuring energy efficiency of technical systems

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Heating systems and leaks

Thermography application heating system
Thermal image heating system

Heating and ventilation/air conditioning installations can be checked easily, quickly and reliably using thermography. One quick look with the thermal imager is enough to detect thermal anomalies. This means that you can use non-contact thermography to inspect heating pipes easily, check installations quickly and monitor heating systems reliably. If a potential leak is located under tiles or concrete floors, searching for the locations of the leak often involves a huge amount of time and effort. In order to detect a leak in heating pipes or to carry out a reliable, comprehensive inspection of heating pipes and an installation, you first have to find out the route they take.

Using a thermal imager enables you to find this route and the locations of the leaks, for instance on pipes, and at the same time to check them – and you can do all this without having to damage the work or office space needlessly. This means time and costs can be saved and above all the rooms involved are not blocked for unnecessarily long periods as a result of construction measures.

Inspecting electrical plants

Thermography application electrical installations
Thermal image electrical plants

Faulty electrical connections or overloading on switchgear systems, electrical distributors and electrical drives can lead to costly downtimes or even fire damage. Regular inspection of all electrical installations using thermal imagers helps minimise the risk of a breakdown. Around 35% of all fires in industrial businesses can be attributed to severely overheated electrical components. If a conductor, a cable or a fuse is defective or if individual components malfunction, this results in increased transfer resistance and thus atypical heat development. Conspicuous thermal changes involving individual components are always an indication of potential or actual defects.

Thermography enables the immediate and precise detection of both existing defects and potential sources of faults and danger. In many cases thermography can be used during operation.


Energy efficiency of buildings

Thermography application energy efficiency of buildings
Thermal image building

The energy efficiency of a building is becoming more and more important with constantly rising energy costs. Infrared measurement with a Testo thermal imager is excellently suitable for the fast and effective detection of energy losses. Possible causes can be, for example

  • Cold bridges on roofs, walls and balconies as well as in radiator recesses
  • Defective or missing insulation
  • Leaky windows or rolling gates.

All problem spots on an outer façade are visualized in detail in the thermal image. This means you can find faults quickly, evaluate the level of energy loss easily and present existing damage to the deciders in a comprehensible way.

Energy efficiency of technical systems

Thermography application technical systems
Thermal image technical systems

In technical plants too, energy efficiency is becoming increasingly important: As a rule, the energy consumption of machines and pipelines in manufacturing companies is actually significantly greater than that of the air conditioning in buildings. Experience shows that there is great potential for energy savings

  • In steam and hot water pipes
  • In refrigerated rooms and ceilings
  • When using process heat.

With a Testo thermal imager, you can quickly and easily demonstrate problems, as badly (or not at all) insulated places are immediately apparent in a thermal image. Bottlenecks in silted-up heating systems are also made clearly visible, and can be eliminated in a targeted way.