Easy operation and precise results.

In incoming goods, the correct temperature of foods must be tested and proven by spot-checks.

Infrared thermometers, penetration thermometers and combi thermometers from Testo are the ideal solution for this responsible job in the cold chain.

Flexible: Infrared and penetration thermometers.

Infrared and penetration thermometers from Testo
  • Measures surface and core temperature
  • Robust folding joint Compact, watertight,
  • HACCP-compliant

For spot checks: Infrared thermometer.

Infrared thermometers from Testo
  • Measures surface temperature without contact
  • Precise measurement spot marking with laser

For core temperatures: Penetration thermometer.

Penetration thermometers from Testo
  • Measures core temperature
  • Fine measurement tips for almost invisible punctures

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