Testo manufacture an extensive range of quality measurement equipment for the heating sector. Measurement parameters include Flue gas, Temperature, CO, and CO2. Whatsmore, with testo's new smart tools, you can save measurements to your Smart Phone or tablet via Bluetooth, and send results to your customer there and then as a report.

Flue gas analysis

Flue gas analysis

The flue gas measurement for a heating system helps to establish the pollutants released with the flue gas  and the heating energy lost with the warm flue gas.

  • Ensuring the atmosphere is contaminated as little as possible by pollutants
  • Using energy as efficiently as possible.

Pressure measurement

Pressure measurement

Standard readings taken during services of domestic heating systems include checking the gas pressure on the burners. This involves measuring the gas flow pressure and gas resting pressure.

  • Optimum flow pressure for gas boilers between 18 to 25 mbar 
  • Avoid shut-downs of the heating system

Free Guide for Heating Engineers

Carry out measuring tasks on heating systems efficiently and safely with our free practical guide:

  • How to set the gas-air ratio perfectly
  • Tightness and Let-by testing
  • How to determine efficiency and flue gas loss
  • What settings are needed for oil burners

Leakage test

Leak test

The leak test (or more aptly, serviceability test, also known as leakage measurement) for the pipeline system is to be repeated every 12 years using a measuring instrument.

  • The gas pipe is always tested in operating conditions/with operating pressure 
  • Check whether gas is leaking from the pipe and how much