Indoor air quality and comfort level

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is measured by room temperature, humidity, Airflow, CO and CO2. Studies have repeatedly shown how poor air quality can lead to excessive fatigue, poor concentration and even health issues. This can be the difference between good staff productivity and inefficiency. Testo's line of IAQ measurement instruments help facility managers ensure HVAC systems are working properly.


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Indoor air quality


The carbon dioxide concentration and the indoor air quality in interiors are deemed to be the most important indicators that the quality of the indoor air is good enough.

  • Evaluate indoor air quality by CO2 and other measurements
  • The CO2 concentrations should not exceed 1,000 ppm

Turbulence level


Air velocity in indoor areas directly affects thermal comfort.

  • The turbulence indicates the air velocity fluctuation and intensity of air flow
  • Exact measurement of air temperature and turbulence

Temperature and humidity


The parameters air temperature and relative humidity are important when planning, choosing and setting heating and ventilation systems.

  • Recommendations for the relative air humidity: 30 % to 65 %

Comfort level (PMV/PPD)

testo 480 comfort level measurement (PMV/PPD)

A person's sense of well-being in a room (level of comfort) depends on a series of particular external influencing factors.

  • All of the parameters combined in the PMV/PPD measurement
  • Average climate assessment value
  • According to ISO 7730



Suitable lighting in the workplace provides workers with sufficient light to be able to perform their jobs well.

  • Measure and assess luminous intensity (natural or artificial light)



If the noise level is high at work, staff efficiency is reduced - no matter whether the noise pollution is caused by equipment or colleagues.

  • More clarity with sound measurement in workplaces