For laboratories, maintaining precise temperatures within devices, such as incubators, fridges, freezers and water baths and cold rooms is essential to ensure accuracy and for compliance with stringent UKAS requirements, as is maintaining a detailed record. And above all, ensuring valuable research is protected is number one priority. With Testo’s monitoring solutions conditions are continuously monitored.


Temperature monitoring solution

Testo’s Saveris 2 allows you to automate all climate measurements, storing and collating them in one central, secure place. This reduces effort of staff, and eradicates potential any risk of data being misplaced.

  • Measurement data stored in one central, secure place
  •  Proof of due-diligence for audits
  •  Alarm function for protection of research

NEW testo 190 CFR Data Logger System

Temperature measurement


In the laboratory, you will often come into contact with many caustic chemicals in the process of manufacturing medicines.

  • Temperature measurement with an instrument which is resistant to aggressive media

pH measurement


Measuring instruments for pH value are above all used in the chemical, pharmaceutical industry.

  • Discover the processes of many chemical and biochemical reactions
  • Determine the pH value in semi-solid and viscoplastic media as well as in liquids

Case study: Stansted Laboratories

To the case study

Testo Saveris 2 provides reliable, low cost, automated temperature monitoring for Stansted Laboratories. Read the full case study to find out more.

Case Study: Newcastle University

Testo Saveris 2 provides temperature monitoring for Newcastle University's -80 degree freezers. A reliable and low cost automated temperature monitoring system.